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» NEWS » National rugby player sells laksa to help the family since his father becomes paralysed

National rugby player sells laksa to help the family since his father becomes paralysed

By Hendra Rijal


SERDANG, Oct 30 - Family is a priority to Mohd Aliff Al-Hafiz Abdul Karim, a national rugby player, ever since his father had a stroke resulting in the paralysis of one side of his body four months ago.


Mohd Aliff Al-Hafiz who represented the country at the ASEAN Rugby Championship Premier 2018 and received a bronze medal, said that he barely made it to the 42nd UPM Convocation Ceremony today as he was worried about his father, Abdul Karim Saad, 54, who is no longer able to manage himself.


Nonetheless, no father would want to miss a son’s joyous moment upon receiving his scroll even though he had to be wheeled up to the event.


Mohd Aliff Al-Hafiz, 24, from Kuala Kangsar, Perak received a Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development) from the Faculty of Science at the convocation ceremony today.


Asked if he wanted to pursue his studies or play rugby, Aliff said that his family is his main priority for now. Then only will he think about pursuing a master’s degree and play rugby.


"My father took care of me for 24 years; it’s only fair that I support him when he is unwell. It is quite alright if I put aside rugby and other things for a while," he said.


Hence, his intention of pursuing his studies at a master’s level is put on hold.


"Prior to completing my studies, I did ask some friends of what I should be doing after graduation, whether I should work straightaway or relax for a while. As soon as I completed my studies, Allah SWT had shown that I had to start working due to my dad’s illness," he said.


He is currently working on a family-owned business, Laksa Karim Kuala Kangsar, which is the only source of income for the family. - UPM

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