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National Laureate Spreads Seeds of Love for Malay Literature

By: Ayunie Inanie Arzmi

SERDANG, March 14 - To promote love for literature, the students from the Bachelor of Arts (Malay Literature) of the Malay Language Department from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication ​​(FBMK), UPM organised the 13th National Literary Discourse with Datuk Dr. Zurinah Hassan to give the rest of the students the opportunity to explore the new developments in Malay literature.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Mua'ti @ Zamri Ahmad, Dean of FBMK, UPM, said that the discourse was aimed at expressing appreciation for literary works and to discuss the greatest works of Datuk Dr. Zurinah Hassan, a National Laureate.

"The involvement of students in this programme will enable them to understand the new developments in the field of Malay literature and express love and appreciation for exemplary literary works," he said.

Also present were Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hariza Hashim, the Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM and Prof. Dr. Azali Mohamed, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM.

The discourse by National Laurate, Datuk Dr. Zurinah Hassan was jointly organised with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) and was also aimed at disseminating literary knowledge as well as to give opportunities for UPM students to get to know the homegrown literary figure better.

Datuk Dr. Zurinah Hassan recounted her works such as Memoir Zurinah Hassan, Catatan Perjalanan Seni Zurinah Hassan and A Journey through Prose and Poetry.

"Each book described the experience I had gained throughout my journey as a literary figure, but it had a different context and content," she said.

The National Laureate is the highest award conferred by the Malaysian government for upholding the Malay literature. Datuk Dr. Zurinah Hassan is the first woman to receive the prestigious award in 2016.

Among others present in the discourse were speakers Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haji Arba'ie Sujud, Dr. Halis Azhan Mohd Hanafiah and Zainal Palit (Zaen Kasturi) with their engaging topics.

Meanwhile, the launch of a poetry anthology titled 'Sekuntum Bunga Bahasa di Tangkai Bangsa Berakar Budaya Bertunjang Agama' brought together 80 creative poems produced by the academic staff of the Malay Language Department, FBMK, UPM.

The publishing of the anthology was the first of its kind and it was held as a means to uphold the dignity and sovereignty of the Malays among readers - UPM.

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