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Nasi lemak seller gets a Bachelor of Horticultural Science

By Alex Ardiansyah

Photo by Noor Azreen Awang

SERDANG, 5 Oct – Being independent and passionate about doing business to reduce the burden of parents makes Muhammad Aisamuddin, 24, succeed in getting his Bachelor of Horticultural Science with self-financing.

Aisamuddin, an inhabitant of Kuala Lumpur, said his family initially did not know the sales of his nasi lemak could afford him to pay for his studies without a study loan.

‘My friend and I sell nasi lemak and also kerepek (chips) until we complete our studies.

‘Indeed, I did not want any help from my family as I have always been independent,’ he said that at the 41st Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) convocation ceremony.

He is currently working at Satiri Sdn. Bhd as an executive of the Satiri grass project. He said that due to his busy schedule of making money to earn a living, he missed out the colorful college life with his friends.

Date of Input: 06/11/2017 | Updated: 30/11/2017 | syifarida


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