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Musafir Hana features UPM Mosque as friendly stopover for new students

By Azman Zakaria

SERDANG, Oct 30 - Musafir Hana programme which turns Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Mosque into a temporary overnight accommodation for students as well as their families to get some rest and sleeps, has suceeded in strengthening the relationship between students, their families and UPM.

Director of UPM Islamic Centre, Dr. Razali Othmansaid, at the same time, the programme had also projected UPM’s good image to the outside world.

He said Musafir Hana programme was launched as a one-stop centre, with the sole purpose of assisting students and their familities who had come to the university to register their children.

Under the programme, accommodation is provided free to students and their families.

In addition, briefings are also arranged for new students to understand about the registration exercise while transporation is provided to take them to the shops to buy groceries (food and drinks), clinics or help them with their registration activities.

Food and drinks are provided free-of-charge to students and their families the moment they step into the compound of the mosque until the moment they head for home. Financial aid is also given to family of new students who want to return home but do not have enough money.

UPM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris, who spent time to see the progress of the programme, urged UPM Islamic Centre to improve its facilities and services for guests coming to the mosque.

She said Musafir Hana UPM Mosque programme which is also aimed at fostering goodwill and ihsan human bondings between UPM and its guests, should be continued.

“The values of ihsan will certainly form a lasting fraternity between UPM, its students and their families,” she added.

Dr. Razali, meanwhile, said through trials and tribulations, the programme will be upgraded starting next year, with the same objective to build good and benevolent traits in students and to strengthen relationships.

Mariam Haron, a mother of one of the students, expressed her gratitutude to UPM Mosque for having such a programme.

“I have never come across any programme such as this where I am able to get my own space to relax and sleep, get free food and drinks... thanks to UPM,” she said.

Father, Matt Long, who is grateful for the accommodation provided at the mosque, said: "I don’t have a place to stay. Tomorrow, I have to send my child to the Engineering Faculty for registration. I could only pray that Allah will make it all easy for me.”

Until 1am, seven families of students opted to stay at UPM Mosque where they could sleep and be given free food and drinks. The number increased by 5am. – UPM


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