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Mrs. Malaysia Kebaya receives a master’s degree

By Nurul Amiraa Mohamed Rafic


SERDANG, 29 Oct – “To challenge myself as the only member in the family capable of attaining a master’s degree, I embarked on this educational journey, my ambition,” said Huda Saber Abu Bakr Saleh, a model from Ampang, Selangor.


As a result of her effort and determination, Huda Saber, 29, received Masters of Science in Medical Microbiology today at the 42nd Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) here.


“My life during the course of my studies was indeed different, especially because I became active again in modeling after leaving that career behind for almost 9 years,” she said.


The youngest of three siblings said that her best achievements included winning the title of Miss and Mrs. Malaysia Kebaya 2017 (Best Talent Winner) and the latest, Miss Personality (PWM) 2018.


“In the beginning, I never expected to excel at this level especially in education and career because modeling was not my childhood passion. My interest grew little by little watching my mother’s active participation in the field of beauty since I was a small girl,” she said.


According to Huda, she is grateful and happy for completing her master’s degree on time despite getting married in 2016 while she was in her second semester.


She said that throughout the course of her studies at UPM, she has always put education ahead of her career to ensure her dream to succeed academically is achieved.


Huda who is known as ‘beauty with brain’ by her friends has also been actively involved in the field of dance art. She intends to continue her doctoral degree in the same field next year. - UPM

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