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More than 150 students participate in the Forestry Camp 2019

By Nisa Khairina Amirudin

Photos Marina Ismail

PUCHONG, July 3 - A total of 153 first-year students from the Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and students from five Indonesian universities participated in the Forestry Camp 2019 at the Sultan Idris Shah Forestry Education Centre (SISFEC), Puchong.

The five Indonesian universities involved were the Hasanuddin University, Bogor Agricultural Institute, University of Mataram, Brawijaya University and University of North Sumatra.

Programme Director, Dr. Razak Terhem, said the camp aimed at exposing students to the basic forestry theories and skills as well as developing their soft skills.

Among the main objectives were to apply theories learnt, to sharpen leadership skills and to develop soft skills as well as psychomotor skills," he said.

He said five modules were used throughout the programme, namely forest independence, forest management, forest produce, recreational park and group hiking.

He said the participants were assessed as the Forest Camp was a credited course.

First year student of the Bachelor of Forestry Science, Faculty of Forestry, UPM, Aiman ​​Amirah Juahir, said the programme was beneficial not only to forestry students but also to the general public.

"It creates awareness on the impact of climate change which then leads to the generations of solutions," she said. She hopes to be able to use the experience and knowledge acquired during the camp in the future.

A student from University of Mataram, Indonesia, Akbar Al Imam, said he gained a lot of experiences and knowledge from the activities and modules provided such as forest survival skills and the importance of forests by studying climate change based on the differences in temperature of the areas inside and outside the forest.

"My hope is to come back, learn more about forestry and contribute to forest management in Indonesia," he said.

The Forest Camp, themed ‘Combating Climate Change through Young Foresters’ was organised by the Faculty of Forestry (UPM) in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) and the National Water Service Commission (SPAN). It also received corporate sponsorships from Brahim's, Ajinomoto and Massimo.

SPAN also conducted a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme through its "Caring Forest for Our Water Resources" programme to raise awareness of the importance of water conservation. - UPM

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