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Man Obtains a Master’s Degree while Selling Snacks with Wife at the Bus Stop

By: Azman Zakaria


By: Azman Zakaria


SERDANG, 28 OCT – After years of selling snacks like assorted crackers at the bus stops of University Putra Malaysia in order to support their education, a couple’s hard work paid off when the husband succeeded in obtaining a Master’s Degree in Arts (Malay Language) at the 42nd UPM Convocation Ceremony today.


Mohd Hazreen Shah Hassan, 26, a student from the Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communication, with the help of his wife, Nur Afiqah Ayub, 25 who is also a UPM student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English As A Second Language would begin to pack snacks every night until three in the morning.


"Since getting married and having a child, we decided that we do not want to disturb our parents while pursuing our education. After all, my father is a farmer, and my mother is a housewife. Perhaps my current situation (selling snacks) will continue for several more years since I plan to pursue a PhD,” he added.


"Due to the lack of income, I also provided 'Student Cab' services which offered transportation for UPM students to any destinations near Serdang through the WhatsApp application," he explained.


Mohd Hazreen who always made sure that he completes his assignments within the stipulated time believes that self-discipline is necessary to manage one’s time properly. - UPM


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