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KOSASS Gempur Tani project produces holistic students in agriculture and entrepreneurship

By: Nur Fazrina Ismail


SERDANG: The Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman Shah College (KOSASS) Gempur Tani Project initiative started in December 2020 as a result of the planning of the College Representative Council for the 2020/2021 session with the Management of the College.

It is in line with the Strategic Plan for Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) on agricultural sustainability.

The KOSASS Gempur Tani project was led by a third-year student of the Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, PK Azhar Badruddin, and monitored by two KOSASS Fellows, Shuhaimi Abrahim and Maznur Nazila Moin.

The initiative idea of ​​this agricultural project planning was inspired by PK Azhar, the main leader in guiding the 45 participants involved in the project.

Among the cultivated crops were field crops such as corn, lemongrass, and dragon fruit and vegetable crops such as water spinach, Chinese spinach, long beans, Chinese kale, chilli, and leaf mustard.

Participants of the KOSASS Gempur Tani Project employed the raised bed and intercropping planting approach where two or more crops are planted on the raised bed adjacent to each other.

A RM 5,000 donation from the PALAPES UPM Alumni Association, precisely the Al-Putra Association, was used in ensuring the success of the KOSASS Gempur Tani Project, which has effectively fostered the spirit of cooperation among the participants, fellows, and the Management of the College.

This project is hoped to produce excellent and holistic students, especially in the fields of agriculture and entrepreneurship. - UPM

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