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Introduction programme for new students at Department of Physics to go online

Oleh: Nur Hamizan Hashim


SERDANG, Oct 31 – The Physics Student Club (KMF), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in collaboration with the Faculty of Science Association, UPM, has organised the online Physics Knowledge Movement: E-GenPhys 20/24 with 98 first-year students together with senior students at the Department of Physics.

The introduction programme for new students which is usually done physically was conducted online through the “UPM Physic Student Club” Facebook page using Streamyard as the platform.

The programme aimed to help new students to be ready in facing challenges throughout their studies while establishing relationships among new students and members of the Department of Physics and its programme of study.

Programme head, who is also KMF Advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Wing Fen, said the programme that was planned for physical delivery had transformed into online delivery for the very first time.

“There were many challenges in trying to maintain the course objectives, usually implemented face-to-face based on the creativity of the UPM KMF exco, but we managed to implement it online,” he said. 

Dr. Yap, who is also a lecturer at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UPM, said the online session connected alumni in different locations throughout Malaysia, and they shared experiences as students and their career paths after graduation.  

Among the former Faculty of Science graduates, UPM 2018 class alumni who attended the session were Abdul Hakim Mohd Fisol (Alumnus Bachelor of Science in Material Science with Honours), Khairul Syamim Khalid (Alumnus of Bachelor of Instrumentation Science with Honours), Nor Ashekin Hamdan (Alumna Bachelor of Science in Physics with Honours) and Nur Ain Asyiqin Anas (Alumna Bachelor of Science in Physics Education with Honours).

Head of the Department of Physics, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suriati Paiman, provided motivation and planning throughout the study duration, and she was assisted by senior lecturers at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Dr. Mazliana, Dr. Huda, and Dr. Nurisya,

UPM i-Putra Head, Fairuz Muchtar, also joined the programme as an invited panel member to share insights on i-Putra and mobility to students in the Ignite Your Future! session.

Programme director, Zahin Nazrin Rosemadi, said through the programme, students were able to ask questions using the comment section during the Facebook page live, and panel members were able to provide on-the-spot feedback.

There were also group activities based on the concept of physics, where students were required to complete a challenge using tools found at home during the Accelerace session.

The online programme also featured the “I Can See Your Wave Season 2” session, adapted from a popular TV reality show.

A first-year student from Bachelor of Science in Physics Education with Honours, Faculty of Science, Muhammad Nazreen Samuri, said he was surprised that the programme could be as impactful as the face-to-face programme even though it was conducted online.


Another first-year student from Bachelor of Science in Physics with Honours, Faculty of Science, Nafisatul Qurota Ayun Azaman, said the programme was extremely beneficial in gaining new knowledge, especially advice and tips given by the panel of seniors, lecturers and alumni.– UPM


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