| Universiti Putra Malaysia

Husband and wife graduate on the same day

By Cheng Kai Wah


SERDANG, Oct 30 - A husband and wife from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Mohammed Ameen Mohammed Alhakimi from Yemen and Fatin Syazana Abdul Aziz from Bangi, received their Master of Computer Science in conjunction with the 42nd UPM Convocation Ceremony today.


To enable them to graduate at the same convocation ceremony, Mohammed Ameen, 27, deferred his studies even though he had completed all his academic assignments the year before.


Fatin Syazana, 26, was touched by her husband's decision which has allowed them to receive the degree at the same time.


She said marriage did not affect their studies; in fact, they had more opportunities and time to talk about academic assignments and complete them together. - UPM