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Diving World Champion, Jun Hoong earns a Bachelor of Communication after 10 years

By Amira Rafiq

SERDANG, Nov 16 – Despite the hardship of juggling studies and sports, Malaysia’s first diver who won the 10m platform event at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships, Cheong Jun Hoong, has successfully earned a Bachelor of Communication at the 43rd Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony here.

“This is a sweet moment in my education throughout my career as a national athlete in diving sports,” said Jun Hoong in excitement despite spending 10 years to graduate.

She said that she had to face multiple challenges in chasing her dreams; the most challenging was to defer her studies for up to three years due to her involvement in the international championships and training routines.

“Studying a programme which is different from my career is a challenge for me to try something new as I am optimistic about the future in this field of study.

“I also had to allocate more time to earn this bachelor’s degree because I was only able to take about one to two subjects in each semester and had to divide my time between studies and career”, she said.  She was accompanied by both her parents and her two siblings.

Jun Hoong did not expect she would be able to graduate this time as she had to struggle while studying and was still recovering from the operation of both her knees due to an injury last year.

She has been a full time at UPM since 2009 and intends to further her studies at a master’s level in the same field while spending more time to enhance her performance for the diving sports championships in the future.

She expressed her appreciation to UPM for easing her studies and for being understanding about her career throughout her studies at UPM. - UPM      

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