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Distance is no barrier to attaining Doctor of Public Health

By: Faruq Irsyad Razali
Student of Bachelor of Science in Human Development

SERDANG, Mar 19 - "I am truly grateful to God, for I have successfully graduated in the field of public health today."

These were the words of the Doctor of Public Health graduate, Dr. Mohd Tariq Mohd Noor, 37, when asked about his feelings after receiving his graduation scroll at the 45th Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony today.

Dr. Mohd Tariq said he was very proud of his success of graduating on time within three years.

"Among the challenges I had to face were taking care of four children while having to divide my time between work and study," he said.

When he was asked why it was necessary to continue his studies to a Master’s and PhD level, he explained that the higher the level of study, the more he realised the lack of knowledge he possessed.

"When our knowledge expands, we can help others in need," he said.

He is working at the Tawau District Health Office and shared study tips and advice with students who have commitments such as being married or working that it is necessary for them always to stay focused and have a support system.

Dr. Mohd Tariq also shared that his wife, Dr. Nurul Suhaili Kamarudin, will graduate with a Master's degree in pathology medicine at Session 5, 45th UPM Convocation Ceremony.

Hailing from Selangor and a family man, he said the main commitment must be given to the family because they are the backbone in facing both hardships and success.

"I am also very grateful to the lecturers who were very understanding and my friends who had helped me a lot throughout my studies," he said.

He urged UPM students that no matter where they are, they should appreciate everything they have. Students need to be the seeds that benefit the community and pursue something because of Allah S.W.T,” he said. - UPM

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