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CEO@Faculty Programme With Tan Sri Tony Fernandes

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi
Photo by: Noorazreen Awang

SERDANG – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Centre for Industry Relations and Networks (CiRNeT) recently held a CEO@FacultyProgramme with AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, who exposed students to industrial demand.

During the session, he pointed out that UPM students must not be hindered by failures which is part of our experience in life but should equip themselves by using it as a “weapon” to prepare them for the future.

“You can do just whatever you want to and hope for. Here I am to push you to your limits, enjoy life and become a positive individual who can find solutions to just any arising problems,” he said.

He also give some tips on good and practical management practices in order to succeed in leading an organization in the long run.

“You should be able to understand your staff’s job…work culture is of significance in an organization for that matter. Transparency is the key to success in any organization. Until today, I still make it a point to go down to the field to understand my staff’s problems as well as their needs.

“Besides, you must embrace your career as this can lead to increased productivity and idea, enhance quality, branding and marketing of your company which all in all make up the “power” that can push you to come up with new innovations,” he said.

The sharing programme was also attended by Higher Education Minister, Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh.

This year, the Ministry of Higher Education appointed four Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and senior government officers to collaborate with UPM at Appreciation and Letter of Appointment Presentation functions CEO@FacultyProgramme, organized by the ministry’s Industrial Relations Division.

Among the duties of the CEOs appointed in the programme is to share their experience and knowledge in relation to the corporate world with UPM staff. Apart from that, they have to be with UPM students to help in guiding the latter to improve their employability and develop a holistic personality.

Meanwhile, in September last year, UPM invited Dr. Richard Parker who is Rolls-Royce Group Research and Technology Director.

On April 7, 2015, the Education Ministry launched the Malaysian Education Development Plan (Higher Education) [(PPPM (PT)] which was launched by the Prime Minister.

In support of PPPM blueprint, the ministry also launched a CEO Faculty Programme (CFP) to develop balanced graduates in terms of morality and knowledge, guided by good values and entrepreneurship.

Through the programme, industrial cooperation will be involved through experiential learning programmes as well as new integrated assessment framework for holistic development. The CEOs involved will share their experience and knowledge to shape and guide the students to enhance their employability. – UPM.


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