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ASPer hosts cooking competition

ASPer hosts cooking competition

UPM, 27 Jan – The Agricultural Science Foundation (ASPer) organized a Fundamental Grandmaster Chef Programme, and a Team-Building activity in the form of a cooking competition and practical training for staff and students.

Thirteen groups of lecturers, staff, ASPer students and ASPer alumni participated in the cooking competition sponsored by Maggi products.

The theme of the cooking competition was “Survival” and participants were free to show off their culinary creativity using utensils and ingredients supplied.

The aspiring chefs of the 30-minute competition were judged on the taste of the food they prepared and the creativity of their presentations. 

ASPer Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahiran Basri believed that such activity could help instill the spirit of team work,  and encourage the sharing of experiences, ideas and energy as well as creating an excellent work culture among ASPer members.

“It will also help in improving students’ interaction with their lecturers,” he added.

The Bunga Lawang group wowed the judges with their creation, Rendang-flavoured ‘Maggi balls’, and emerged winners, a special contribution from the Maggi Food Division, Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad.

‘Murtabak Maggi’, ‘Maggi omelette’ and ‘Maggi rolls’ were among the many other creative efforts by the various participating groups.  

Besides Chef Muluk, Chef Johari Idrus, who is popularly known as Papa Joe Master Chef Malaysia, and UPM Fellow Consultant, Chef Kadir. also had the audience fascinated when they demonstrated the preparation of  the ‘Carbonara’.

(News by Syifarida Mohammed Zaki, 03-8946 6154. Photo: Hasrul Mohd Hamdan, 03-8946 6189)

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