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Artistic artifacts showcased at NYAWA'17: LIGHT Exhibition

By Auliyaa Putri Ulfana




SERDANG, 20 Nov –  A total of 21 artifacts with the theme ‘Light’, developed through scientific research  by Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) researchers and presented with the use of interactive technology, are now being showcased at Galeri Serdang, Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM.

The artifacts are displayed at the indexed exhibition, ‘Nature 's Yield and Wonders of Art 2017’ (Nyawa’17:LIGHT) from 8 November, 2017 until 30 April, 2018 organised by the Edu-Park Division, Putra Science Park, UPM. 

Each artifact is presented in artistically such as in the form of digital and graphic arts.  This exhibition would further expand the community’s perspective on science and art as both can be combined to form a wasilah (relationship) in the acculturation of research and innovation.




The Chairman of UPM’s Board of Directors, Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali when officiating the exhibition said that an indexed publication containing articles and photos documented throughout the exhibition will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.

He said it can be accessed through the Virtual Library Museum Pages (VLMP), which is part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) which is based in Paris, France.

Also present at the event was Putra Science Park Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samsilah Roslan.

NYAWA'17: LIGHT exhibition is open from 9 am to 4 pm (Monday-Friday). It is also open at night and on weekends with early bookings. To date, over 1,000 visitors have visited NYAWA’17: LIGHT since it was opened on 8 November.

NYAWA’17: LIGHT exhibition is the sixth edition of the exhibition which began with NYAWA’12: FRUIT, NYAWA’13: INSECT, NYAWA’14: MICROBE, NYAWA’15: BIRD, and NYAWA’16: BRAIN. – UPM


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