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Alumni Key Asset of UPM’s Excellence

SERDANG, 16 Oct – The alumni are a key asset who contribute to the excellence of UPM, said Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Rashdan Baba, the first vice chancellor of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM).

“In relation to that, the alumni are invited to play a role in helping to develop their alma mater through various alumni programmes to generate revenue in collaboration with the faculties and colleges. 

“It is my hope for the alumni to return to UPM and contribute in any form to the development of students,” he said at the opening of the Serdang Sun Appreciation Ceremony in commemoration of the alumni from years 1974, 1975 and 1976, held at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts and Cultural Centre, UPM.


Of the total of 365 alumni who attended the commemoration ceremony, were 341 holders of the Diploma of Agriculture, Diploma of Science in Education (20), Diploma in Animal Health and Livestock (1), Diploma in Science (1) and Diploma in Domestic/Household Technology (2).

He said there are high expectations of UPM alumni to play various roles as employers and experts and as supporters and ambassadors of UPM both at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, UPM Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Ir. Dr. Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said, “The organizing of the Serdang Sun Appreciation Ceremony is aimed at strengthening ties among the alumni of different generations. It is hoped that the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences will be an example of the love of these  pioneer alumni for UPM.”

He commented that  the homecoming had enhanced the sense of belonging to UPM and established   closer ties between the university and its alumni.

“I hope that a celebration such as this one will act as a platform for other alumni to give back to the university in one way or another. The university has established the UPM Endowment Fund to encourage the public and alumni to contribute towards  the betterment of knowledge and the country’s human resources,” he said.

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Radin Umar expressed the hope that in the long run, the alumni’s contribution to the  UPM Endowment Fund could help the university administration in their efforts to provide assistance to the needy in the years ahead.

The gathered alumni who were aged from 56-65 years and from years 1974 to 1976 of the Malayan Agriculture College (prior to the establishment of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia), were honored to receive their Diplomas in an official ceremony.

Prior to the official ceremony, there were several activities held including golf, a campus tour, a forum on nostalgia, a tahlil recital and prayers as well as a reunion dinner. Also present was the President of Alumni Association, Anas Ahmad Nasarudin.

News report by Khairul Anuar Muhamad Noh,  03-89467429 / Photo by Marina Ismail (03-89468985), MarComm.


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