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Agriculture alumni Class of 1972 reminisces nostalgia upon return to UPM

By: Nurul Ezzaty Mohd Azhari

SERDANG, July 5 – About 130 alumni (with their spouses) of the College of Agriculture Malaya (KPM) Class of 1972 have returned to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in conjunction with the 50 Years of Golden Jubilee Celebration of KPM 1972.

The reunion of the KPM alumni from the Class of 1972 from July 4 to 6 rekindled the memories of 50 years ago when they were students here.

P. Jayaraman, 75, who comes from Sg. Petani, Kedah, said he was very happy to be back at UPM despite the many changes and developments that have taken place at UPM.

"When I was at KPM in 1972, I was the only Indian student, but until now, I am still friends with others, and our relationship is very close.

"We chose to meet again at UPM in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of KPM 1972, leaving the College of Agriculture, and now this college has changed a lot,” he said.

On the second day of the tour and 50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebrations KPM 1972, they had the opportunity to visit some interesting places at UPM, such as the Putra Mart, Conservatory Park at the Institute of Bioscience and Ladang 10, UPM.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad, 72, who hails from Kelantan, also expressed his contentment for being able to return to UPM and was proud of the changes that the institution had undergone.

He said KPM used to be very small, but now that it has become a university, its area has grown, and too many buildings and facilities have been developed for the excellence of the nation.

“After 50 years of leaving the College of Agriculture, I feel so excited to see the development of UPM. Its development is remarkable in addition to the many successes achieved.

“The thing that can’t be forgotten until now is the memories during the orientation because regardless of gender, we waded through the mud together and other things related to agriculture,” he said when met at Ladang 10 here today. – UPM

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