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Agricultural Sciences Ranking – UPM is world’s 42nd, 7th in Asia



SERDANG, Oct 27 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has created another record of excellence when its Agricultural Sciences subject was listed in the 42nd position in the world by Best Global Universities Ranking 2016/2017 as released by the U.S.News & World Report on Oct 26 yesterday.

The improvement in ranking for Agricultural Sciences subject went up three spots against 45th position in 2015/2016, strengthening its position as Asia’s top 7th and maintaining its ranking position as one of the best universities for Agricultural Sciences subject in South East Asia.

UPM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Aini Ideris, said UPM’s ranking as the world’s 42nd was derived from an increase in scores by 0.6 to 71.7 compared to 71.1 last year.

She said that the excellent performance for UPM Agricultural Sciences subject was supported by the increase in three main indicators - Global Research Reputation which went up to 62nd position (75th last year), , Total Citations 29th (37th) and International Collaboration 68th (83rd).

“What makes us proud is that UPM Agricultural Sciences subject is positioned as world’s top 19th for the Regional Research Reputation indicator, 19th for Publications and 29th for Total Citations.

“UPM’s commitment in empowering the field of agriculture as recognized through global rankings proves the claims by some critics that UPM is neglecting its niche in Agriculture studies, as totally unfounded and wrong.

“UPM’s success in the field of Agricultural Sciences is an impact derived from quality academic and research and excellent contributions made by academicians, staff and students.

“The role of UPM in supporting the empowerment of agriculture as outlined in UPM Strategic Plan 2014-2020 is a direct impact from the implementation of Putra Global 200 strategic plan,” Prof. Aini added.

The Best Global Universities Ranking report carries out assessment on renowned universities in the world, ranking them based on 22 subjects. The U.S News & World Report listed 200 world’s top universities for 2016/2017 evaluation against 750 universities in 2015/2016.




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