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80 students receive Hari Raya aid from UPM Chancellor

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SERDANG, July 19 (UPM) – The Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, has given Hari Raya aid to orphans and other beneficiaries consisting of 50 school students from around Serdang area and 30 UPM students in a special breaking of fast or Iftar gathering here today.

His majesty presented the financial contributions after Iftar and the Tarawih prayer with some 1,000 people comprising UPM staff and members of the local community at the UPM Mosque.

Also held at the event was the presentation of RM339,848.92 to Wakaf Ilmu UPM, the money being contributions from individuals, UPM corporate partners, staff and students.

Contributions were also handed out by UPM staff through Registrar's Office,  amounting to  RM131,561; Islamic Centre funds and Tn. Hj. Mohamed Ghazali Ali, RM109,706.17;  Alumni Center RM40,000; UPM Cooperative Bhd., RM11,000; UPM students, RM12,581.75; Binsabi.com Sdn. Bhd., RM25,000 and Century Software Sdn. Bhd., RM10,000.

During the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UPM Holdings Sdn. Bhd., Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali, also handed over RM173,000 from UPM Holdings business zakat (tithe) for the year 2012 and a dividend payment of RM1 million to UPM.

Wakaf Ilmu is a fund for UPM staff, alumni and local community to contribute, in accordance with the concept of waqf (endowment), to support the financing of academic and research activities as well as advancement of knowledge in UPM. – UPM


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