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40 years dedicated to UPM as high-calibre staff

By: Nur Syamila Kamarul Arefin

SERDANG, May 26 – A few staff at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) were amazed by the fact that they had actually spent 40 years of their lives serving UPM.

During their service at UPM, there were many wonderful and unforgettable memories that colour their journey, starting as a young staff until they finally managed to achieve financial security and a happy family life.

At the award ceremony, Majlis Gemilang Putra UPM 2022, 11 staff were awarded the 40-Year Service Award.

Head of the Human Resource Services Division, Registrar Office, Abdul Rahim Utar, started his career at UPM in 1981 as a Laboratory Assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture before he was promoted as the Assistant Science Officer in 2000.

During his service, he took the initiative to continue his studies in Bachelor of Science in Human Development, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEM), UPM, and successfully graduated in 2004.

"I did not have the opportunity to further my studies earlier to give way to my other siblings to succeed, so when I started work at UPM, I felt that it would be a waste if I did not take the opportunity to further my studies," he said.

He added that he had always strived to give his best service in carrying out the duties and responsibilities entrusted to him, and he had always given his cooperation for the continued pursuit of excellence at UPM.

Another staff at the Bursar’s Office, UPM, Siti Asnah Ali, who had served for 40 years really loved her career at UPM. She claimed that the atmosphere and colleagues made her obsessed with work and wanted to spend more time at work.

“Serving in the Bursar’s Office for 40 years and three months as an Administrative Assistant had made me a diligent worker who never gave up. Throughout my service at UPM, I have received four awards at Majlis Gemilang Putra,” she said

A staff of the Reserve Officer Training Team (PALAPES), UPM, Mohd Masran Mat Aris, said that he started work at UPM as a clerk with a salary of RM 170.

"The blessings and prayers from my beloved family and support from friends who continued to encourage me made it possible for me to hold this position," he said.

He also shared his experience of having to walk on foot to his workplace. He also reminded that a staff needs to be sincere when working without expecting rewards and learning from basics to gain knowledge.

"Remember, if you want to succeed, never feel shy to ask even if the person holds a lower position because each person has varying levels of knowledge," he said.

Majlis Gemilang Putra UPM 2022 is an annual appreciation ceremony organised by the Registrar Office, UPM, to express the university's appreciation and gratitude to the excellent staff who have served the university with trust and dedication. - UPM

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