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Syakir, NurIsmazatul active in doing charity


SERDANG, May 2 -  Able to understand their plights and extend assistance to members of the public, especially rural folks, gives satisfaction to two Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students, Mohamad Syakir Samsudin and Nur Ismazatul Husna Ismail.

Through their involvement in activities carried out by Student Volunteer Foundation, Mohamad Syakir from the Science Faculty and NurIsmazatul Husna from Human Ecology Faculty, are readily available to help and motivate needy and poor families.

Mohd Syakir who started getting himself involved in YSS in 2016, said from February 8 to February 26 this year, he, together with some members of the foundation were involved in a programme at a Long House in Kampung Buddy, Beluru, Miri, Sarawak.

They stayed at the Long House throughout the duration of the programme and carried out activities, including putting up signages and painting murals in a school, besides cleaning up the school canteen, together with the locals.

“They (locals) are so happy and so are we. It is interesting to be involved in activities that are carried out in such a remote area where we are able to learn new things,” he said.

Nur Ismazatul Husna who started getting actively involved in  YSS at the end of 2015, was involved in charitable activities at Ban Soukhouma, Champasak, Laos from March 24 to April 12, 2016 and Kampung Lajong, Niah, Sarawak early this year.

In Ban Soukthouma, she said besides building a reflexology centre using cement mixture and stones that could be easily found there, a basic English Language class was  also held. A programme on the danger of Aedes mosquitoes in the form of an explorace was also conducted.

In Kampung Jaong, Niah, Sarawak, she said along with other YSS members, they carried out several activities, including putting up a water tank to store processed rainwater.

“When we extend help to people, we are actually helping ourselves because through that way, we get to learn new things and gain new experiences. We are able to observe things in many situations and this helps to inculcate humility in us.”

“When we see people in trouble, we will give them motivation and resolutions. This will help to strengthen our commitment,” she added.

She was picked as a delegation member for YSS Malaysia to IAVE 8th World Youth Volunteer Conference from November 3 to November 5, followed by the 24thWorld Volunteer Conference from November 7 to November 11, 2016, in Mexico. – UPM