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Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni)

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) heads and responsible to the entire management of Student Affairs and Alumni that consist of Student Affairs Division, Alumni Centre, Co-curriculum and Student Development Centre, Centre of Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Marketability, Sports Centre, Alumni Center, Residential College, SUKSIS and PALAPES.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students' Affairs & Alumni) 
Tel : 03-89466062
Fax: 603-89432515 
Email : tnchepa@upm.my  

Mr. Mohd. Nazri Bin Noh
Deputy of Registrar 
Tel : 03-89466077 
Fax: 603-89432515
Email : nazri@upm.edu.my 

En. Johar Bin Md. Lajis
Administrative Officer
Tel: 603- 8946 6084 / 03-8947 1027
Email: johar@upm.edu.my

Mrs. Norizawati Ahmad Jalal 
Tel : 03-89466062
Email : watty@upm.edu.my

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