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Laboratories & Training Room

The InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC)  has been assigned by the Registrar’s Office of UPM to conduct training on information and communication technology (ICT).

iDEC has the role to coordinate ICT training and provide facilities for training i.e. computer laboratories for training, to meet requirements for teaching and learning in UPM.

iDEC has three computer laboratories namely; the Exa and Zetta Labs which are located at iDEC Alpha while the Mega Lab is located at iDEC Gamma.   The Exa and Zetta Labs have 32 units of computers each while the Mega Lab has 16 units of computers.  All the laboratories are equipped with  laptop computers for the instructor, LCD projectors, printers, screens, public addressing (PA) systems, and Internet access as well as and basic software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAS and several multimedia software.

No fees will be charged if these computer laboratories are used for official trainings involving the staff of UPM.

For reservation of the above computer laboratories :

  1. UPM Staff : Please access the Sistem Perkhidmatan ICT UPM (Click on the Borang Permohonan, and select Perkhidmatan Lain).
  2. Other Agencies : Please contact Puan Sharifah Harazmariana Syed Hardan at 03-8947 1227.

Updated:: 20/06/2017 [hairul_nizam]


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