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Research Management

When research is placed at the forefront of an entity, the need for a research arm to manage and facilitate research and development activities becomes crucial. At UPM, all academic staff are expected to pursue active research programs. To attain this objective, the University offers a variety of structures to support them in the development and maintenance of quality research programs, and one of them is the research management arm. In managing researches conducted by the entity, the research management arm will undertake functions that will help intensify research and development efforts in order to produce quality research findings and outputs. At UPM, the research management arm is the Research Management Centre (RMC).

The Research Management Centre (RMC) was officially established in May 2000 to replace the former University Research Unit that was formed in 1992, to mobilize research management and enhance the overall impact of research to expand alliances and reinforce partnerships with other world class research universities.

The role and function of RMC is to enhance and strengthen the current research management system by intensifying R&D efforts in order to improve productivity and efficiency, so as to produce quality research findings and outputs. RMC's role is also to increase collaborative R&D efforts among public R&D agencies and the private sector to facilitate commercialisation of research findings. RMC aims to focus on key research of strategic importance to the nation and develop multidisciplinary initiative. It encourages synergistic collaboration in key areas such as information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology/Satellite BioValley research in line with country's Vision to produce a Nobel Laureate by the year 2020.

RMC also creates research awareness by organizing Research Management courses, Patent workshops and recognizing research excellence through special events such as inter-university R&D exhibition awards, etc. RMC is therefore poised to play the role of the engine of growth. It continues to Diversify, Promote and Commercialize UPM's research findings. The mission of RMC is therefore clear-cut: that of ensuring adequate funding resources, and improving collaboration with other world-class universities.

RMC headed by a research director  is assisted by four deputy directors with specific job functions reports to the Deputy Vice chancellor (Research and Innovation) and serves as the secretariat for the University Research Committee. In addition, the RMC management consists of a deputy registrar, an administrative officer, an editor, research officers, systems analyst, and support staff. RMC Fosters an environment that ensures that Faculties, Schools, Research Institutes, and the affiliated are provided with efficient support services relating to research administration, and are provided with up-to-date information on funding sources and grant procedures.


» To increase and diversify UPM's funding resources;
» To strengthen multi disciplinary research in order to achieve outputs:
         o Scientific publications,
         o Commercialisable products & patents, and
         o Human resource needed for nation building.
» To build and promote strategic research partnerships with industry and the

» To realize UPM's aim of becoming Malaysia's first premier 5* research intensive 
    university by improving collaboration with other world-class universities

Futher information, please visit Research Management Centre's website.

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