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Community Engagement

UPM is committed to offering social services to the community. It has intensified development activities that contribute to human development and discovery of knowledge through contact with industry and society. This is in line with the University’s objective to be a renowned Learning and Research Centre. Emphasis is given to agriculture and agricultural-based activities.  Other activities are Consultation Services in Agriculture and Tropical Bio-Resources,  Specialist Clinic in Agriculture and Lifelong Learning / Short-term Courses.

 Consultation Services in Agriculture and Tropical Bio-Resources

UPM is actively offering community services,  including giving expert advice to the public in a variety of agriculture-related disciplines  such as plantation crops, feed crops and livestock, aquaculture, animal health, halal products, agro-based industry and business or entrepreneurship. The consultative services are offered throughout the year, during UPM agricultural roadshows, through the Agricultural Development Office’s  interactive website or by phone and personal visits to the university. For more information, contact the Agriculture Officer of the Agricultural Development Unit. 

 Mr. Basri Bakar

 Specialist Clinic in Agriculture

This Open Day with Experts in Agriculture (HTBPP) is a programme launched purpose to share the university’s   expertise in various areas with the community through advice and consultation services. The programme   targets farmers, entrepreneurs and agricultural development agencies as the beneficiaries of UPM’s vast knowledge and expertise gained through agricultural research. The programme also aims to build partnerships with the target groups in developing the local agricultural sector. The programme adopts a holistic approach which  involves the integration of theory and practice, and learning experiences based on demand and  needs analysis. In addition, existing problems are addressed through  intervention activities such as training and research. For more information, contact the Agriculture Officer of the Agricultural Development Unit.
Mr. Basri Bakar


 Lifelong Learning / Short-Term Courses

Despite the focus on teaching, learning and research, UPM has not neglected  its responsibility towards society. It offers consulting and training to the public through Lifelong Learning Courses or Short-term Courses. The programme is targeted at farmers, entrepreneurs, officials in public and private agencies and local and foreign NGOs  (non-governmental organisations).  The courses are offered through four modes:  Scheduled Courses, Unscheduled Courses, Non-Graduating Lifelong Education Programmes and Attachment Programmes.

i. Scheduled Courses - -courses with fixed schedules and specifiedimplementation  

   dates, duration, venues, target groups and fees

ii. Unscheduled Courses -- offered upon request of clients 

iii.Non-Graduating Lifelong Education Programmes -- a semester-longprogramme in which participants study alongside full-time students at UPM

iv.Attachment Programmes -- to share expertise, research, skills, knowledge      and experience between UPM and the participating agencies and is offeredonly upon request. 

Information on the Short Courses can be obtained through advertisements in the media, the website, the course prospectus,  or directly from  the Agriculture Officer of the Professional Development and Lifelong Education Unit.               

  Nafisah Awang

 Mentoring Entrepreneurship

Mentoring  services for entrepreneurship development that  focus on changing  mindsets are  also available through training programmes, workshops, seminars, motivational talks, exhibitions, advisory services and activities related to entrepreneurship. The main target groups are youths, graduates, entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) as well as students. For more information, contact the Agriculture Officer of the Entrepreneurship Development and Industry Links Unit.
  Adnan Muhamad Nik Mohd Nor

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