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The Rising Star Agro-Food Innovation Challenge 2021
25 Jan 2021 - 30 Apr 2021
01.00 - 01.00
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Assalamualaikum wbt & Hi There...!!!

I am Dr Hisham from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia and I was appointed by the Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation based in Switzerland as the Project Manager of The Rising Star Agri-Food Innovation Challenge 2021.

In collaboration with UNINET and IMT-GT, the global Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation have launched the Rising Star Agri-Food Innovation Challenge. This is the first and largest agri-food-tech focused competition in the region, and calls on passionate, creative, and entrepreneurially-minded higher education students in Malaysia ,Indonesia and Thailand to innovate and solve the region's (and our world's) most important and pressing food, agriculture, and climate-related challenges.

Our collaborative goal is to receive 1000+ pitch submissions by the end of March. Time is tight, but we are sure we can achieve this by working together. Students who participate will gain all kinds of perks, including free access to TFF's award-winning Digital Labs platform, the opportunity to build their resumes, to garner international exposure and media attention, and to work with industry experts and corporate leaders. They also have the chance to win cash prizes. We provide everything they need to develop and idea and develop it into a business that can be taken forward for investments. This Challenge is a great way to get students' creative juices flowing during lockdown. It makes a great classroom project, and everyone walks away not only with new learning and connections, but also with a potentially game-changing solution!

We are now calling on the most committed and passionate students of Undergraduate & Graduate students (Yess that's you!) aged between 18-40 years old across all disciplines, at registered institutions of higher learning, including Universities (private or public), University Colleges, Colleges, Vocational & Technical Colleges in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. From science and engineering, to computer science and design, from agriculture to architecture, and everything in between to develop innovative solutions in response to the local and regional challenges faced across the agri-food sector and unlock the potential of our food and agricultural systems.

You are encouraged to tap into their expertise and next-gen skillset, unleash their creativity, and apply their digital savviness and purpose-driven mindsets to address the urgent challenges facing the agri-food sector by developing solutions around:

⛓ Digitized supply chains
🌱 Automated urban farming systems
🍽 Nutritious new foods
🧫 Sustainable alternative proteins
👨‍🌾 Regenerative smallholder production
♻️ Circular approaches to reduce food waste


🌟 A chance to win the Grand Prize of US$5,000 and the Runner-Up Prize of US$2,500 awarded per country.

🌟 A chance to be named as the National Semi-Finalists in the Thought For Food Global Challenge.

By signing up, students will also gain access to…

🚀 Unlimited access to the TFF Digital Labs collaboration platform
👩‍💻 Online training in entrepreneurship/ food systems/ innovation
💬 Interactive live events
🌎 Global changemaker community

+ the winning teams will gain GGAF Market Access Entrepreneurship Programme

So what are you waiting for??? Click the link below and register now! Sign-ups are now open at

PLEASE CHECK the links below for more information about the challenge and our planned marketing activities.

Introduction video:

VIDEO CLIPS Thought for Food (TFF): Rising Star Food Innovation Challenge 2021:

INFLUENCER VIDEOS Thought For Food (TFF): Rising Star Food Innovation Challenge 2021:

Challenge landing page

Challenge direct sign-up page

Outreach kit (incl. email templates and visuals you need for outreach)

Marketing Calendar TFF (please copy social media posts from this sheet)

List of planned live events (kicking off on February 15th)

If you are not the right point of contact, please introduce me to a colleague of yours who I can add to this contact list instead.

We are looking forward to accelerating innovation with you, and to making this important challenge a massive success and amazing opportunity for your students. In this video, you can see some examples of our success stories.

Many thanks.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with Melissa Ong (+6012-3069289 or

Feel free to follow TFF instagram as below:
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Lots of Love,
Dr. Mohd Noor Hisham Mohd Nadzir
Project Manager
The Rising Star Agri-Food Innovation Challenge 2021

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