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The Sports Academy was established to offer professional consulting services to various sports organisations in the country. The vision of the academy is to be a reference centre for world-class sporting excellence, and it strives to achieve its mission to generate knowledge and application of relevant technology to enhance performance in sports.

The Sports Academy aims to be a key reference point for high performance sports. It also aims to be recognised by international bodies involved in sports that are high-technology oriented. Therefore, the role played by the Academy differs from that of other sports organisations.

 The objective of the Sports Academy is to offer professional training to sports bodies and the community. It aims to increase trained sportsmen and sportswomen in the various fields of sports. In addition, the academy aims to create a network of researchers for the generation and dissemination of scientific findings with regard to training programmes in sports science. Further, it is to be a reference centre offering consulting services on various aspects related to sporting excellence. All the programmes are aimed at bringing excellence to the country’s sporting fraternity.

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